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Land Clearing, Forestry Mulching, Excavation, Yard Clean Up, Land Managment

Land Clearing & Forestry Mulching

Clearing land can be both for aesthetics, safety or accessibility. An eco-friendly way to clear land and clean up your yard is Forestry Mulching. This method adds to the topsoil health by preserving it, does not involve controlled burning or creating piles of brush. The debris is simply left as a biodegradable extra layer on top of the existing soil (mulch). Forestry Mulching transforms the vegetation on the land like brush, grass, trees, branches and saplings to a layer of mulch which promotes soil health, ground stability by preventing erosion and encourages plant growth. This method only requires a single machine versus several that could be necessary like bulldozers, excavators, grinders, tree cutting equipment and hauling equipment. can give your land that  Forestry Mulching gives your land that beautiful, open spacious look of a park. It provides greater access, views and can help prevent fires. 


Land and Lot Clearing
Forestry Mulching
Tree Removal
Site Preparation
Trail Creation
Invasive Species Management
Land Management

Excavation, Site Work, Grading, Leveling & Drainage Solutions

Whether you are preparing a site for new construction or managing your current property. Dun’ Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape is here to develop your land into something you can enjoy. We provide excavation of land, pipe work like French drains and other Drainage Solutions for pooling water issues. Sometimes a portion or the entire property will require Grading and Leveling to solve drainage, erosion issues and other problems. Bringing in more dirt to grade and level, installing drainage systems like French drains or gravel creek beds and promoting drain off of water to a certain area of the property can create a safer, more sustainable, healthier lawn and landscape. We offer Residential Excavation along with Commercial Excavation and Industrial Excavation. 

Driveway Construction
Utilities and Drainage Excavation
Land Leveling
Yard Grading
Foundation and Basement Excavation
Site Work
Property Land Management
Storm Water Pond Management Drainage
French Drain Installation
Dirt Work

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