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We care for trees by planting, pruning regularly, controlling insects and applying fertilizer but there are times when a tree is overgrown, dead or has become a liability. This is when tree removal is the best answer for the safety of your house and family. You can count on Dun’ Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape to remove the tree safely and completely. We grind the stump, level the area where the tree was removed with soil and typically install sod or seed. No one will ever notice the tree was removed from the area. We service Tulsa, OK Broken Arrow, OK Bixby,OK Jenks, OK and areas throughout northeast Oklahoma like Claremore and Glenpool. 

Trees, shrubs and bushes can add so much beauty to your yard but they should be maintained properly to ensure their health and prevent overgrowth. We provide an array of the best tree services from simple tree trimming and canopy lifting to complete tree removal and stump grinding. Trimming shrubs, hedges and bushes is a must to keep your landscaping beautiful. For those bushes that are just too far gone, we provide shrub removal to allow room for other existing plant growth or space for a new landscaping idea. 

In addition to trimming and removal, we provide tree planning and tree planting services. Knowing which species of tree or shrub will do well in your yard can sometimes be a challenge. We can select the appropriate plants for the environment and conditions as well as provide education on when to prune and trim, promoting plant and tree health.


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