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We are a full-service tree removal company, landscaping, lawn care, pest control company located in Tulsa, OK. Our expert team provides regular maintenance and uses high-quality supplies to ensure your yard is thriving. It’s easy for your lawn to stay healthy and green when you have the help of our experienced professionals. Dun' Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape offers tree removal, lawn mowing, garden design, landscaping, leaf removal, grass seeding, sod installation, tree trimming, land clearing and more today.

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Lawn care Service, Tree Service & Pest Control

It’s easy for your lawn to stay healthy, green and bug free when you have the help of our experienced professionals. Call us if you need local services including tree removal, stump grinding, lawn mowing, lawn maintenance, season change yard cleanup, leaf removal, lawn aeration, tree trimming, shrub trimming, pest control and lawn fertilization. Serving Tulsa, OK, Broken Arrow, OK, Bixby, OK, Jenks, OK, Coweta, OK, Catoosa, OK, Sand Springs, OK, Sapulpa, OK, Owasso, OK, Collinsville, OK and near you!

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your lawn to stay healthy and green when you have the help of our experienced professionals

You can say goodbye to unattractive dead grass, yellow spots, overgrowth, diseased trees, pests like roaches and ants and weeds once Dun' Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape is on the job. We take your yard’s specific makeup and needs into consideration to provide the best care. Our local services include season change cleanup, yard work, pest control, land clearing, grading, leveling, dirt work, lawn aeration, sod installation, lawn fertilization, tree removal and trimming services and more.

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What we can offer


Tree Services

From tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding and tree planting to shrub trimming and removal, we offer our exceptional tree services to Tulsa, OK, and surrounding areas.


Patio extensions, concrete repair/extensions, paver pathways, gravel / decorative rock installation, and more can turn your issues with lack of grass growth into a beautiful work of art or create an area where you and your family can gather and enjoy for years to come.

Trash & Debris Removal

Piles of trash and yard debris can prevent grass growth and lead to bare patches of dirt. Let us take care of your seasonal or one-time property cleanup. Trash removal, limb removal, debris removal, dump services, hauling services, and more to keep your yard clean and bare-spot-free in Tulsa, OK, and nearby.

Trimming Services

Overgrowth of shrubs, weeds, and ivy can take a toll on a fence or entire property. We offer brush removal, shrub trimming, weed control, fence line cleanup, ivy removal, and more to allow you to enjoy your yard again.
Lawn Care, Landscape Garden Design, Mulching, Flower Bed Installation Coweta OK

Lawn Care

We do so much more than provide lawn mowing services. Professional lawn maintenance should include the complete package; leaf removal, sod installation, season change clean up, lawn aeration, lawn fertilization, weed control, fertilization, grass seeding, debris removal, drainage solutions, sprinkler/irrigation repair, and more.
Sod Installation, Garden Design

Sod Installation

When it comes to sod installation you should only trust the best in the business. Dun' Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape will make sure your lawn is looking as good as new!
Land Clearing

Land Clearing & Land Management

Does your property need to be cleared of trees and overgrowth? A New Driveway Installed? Offering Landscaping, Land Clearing, Dirt Work, Grading, Tree Removal, Yard Clearing, Land Clean Up, Building Demolition, Sod Installation, Grading, Leveling, Mulching.
Leaf removal, debris removal, seasonal clean up, yard cleanup broken arrow, OK

Leaf Removal

If you're wanting to be able to see your beautiful lawn again, contact us at Dun' Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape and we will make sure to handle leaf removal for you.
Christmas lights installation, holiday light hanging, lighting for christmas, tulsa, ok, bixby, ok, broken arrow, ok, sand springs, ok sapulpa, ok, owasso, ok and near me

Christmas Holiday Light Installation

Residential and Commercial Christmas Lights bring the feeling of the holidays to life. Dun' Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape is here to install holiday lights from start to finish. We design a customized plan for the Christmas lights, install the lighting and take the holiday lights down for storage when the holidays are over.
Flower Bed Design, Landscaping, Rose Bush Planting, Shrub Trimming, Tree Removal in Owasso, OK

Landscape Design

We offer a variety of landscaping services from completely new installation of flower beds, seasonal planting, garden design, and tilling to bed maintenance and more.
pest control service, exterminator, ants, roaches, crickets, spiders, mice, rats, termites, bugs, mosquitos, flies, bag worms near you

Pest Control

From ants, cockroaches, wasps, spiders, ticks, fleas, mice, rats, termites, bed bugs to crickets and more. We are proud to offer pest control extermination services and pest inspections.
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Michael Alvarado
Michael Alvarado
I was so impressed with Dun’ Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape. The staff are very knowledgeable about tree removals, sod installation, landscaping and pest control. They treated a few trees for bag worms at my property in Owasso, OK. Provided tree removals at my properties in Jenks, OK. They  installed sod and seeded the lawn at my home in Sapulpa, OK. Dun’ Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape also cleared some land of brush and saplings, installed new flower beds, cleaned out the existing flower beds, planted a few flowers, trees and laid new mulch as well as continue to mow my lawn at my property in Broken Arrow, OK. I could not be happier with their quality of yard work and professionalism.
Clay Cosper
Clay Cosper
Great price and great work will definitely use service again
Red Dirt Reptiles Ok
Red Dirt Reptiles Ok
Dun’ Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape has done incredible work on my yards. I have several properties located in Sand Springs, Glenpool, Broken Arrow and Bixby. The team takes their time to ensure the lawns are properly maintained through mowing, weed control and fertilization. They provided tree removal and stump grinding after the storm. They leveled the area with soil and installed sod. You would never know there was a tree there now. The team also maintains all of my landscaping as well as repairs and winterizes my sprinkler systems. My flower beds need leaf removal and weeding often so they tend to that as well as trim my shrubs and trees. They have provided pest control for an infestation of ants, wasps, termites, mosquitoes, bag worms, bed bugs and the occasional mouse. They have even installed Christmas lights at my own home and they look fabulous each year. My properties look immaculate. My tenants and I are thrilled with their professionalism and care they take to solve each issue I encounter with my lawn, trees and landscape. I would recommend Dun’ Dirt Cheap to everyone looking for a reliable lawn care company!
Bishop Outdoors
Bishop Outdoors
Dun’ Dirt cheap lawn and landscaping is one of the best landscaping services around, they do work around all the way around Broken Arrow and Tulsa. The work the do is top of the line and always leaves smiles on customers faces because of how good the work is. I would 100% recommend them for your lawn and landscaping needs!
Mandy Cox
Mandy Cox
I have used Dun’ Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape for our lawn maintenance and yard clean up services. Their team is extremely professional and timely. They actually care about our properties. Our flower beds needed major landscaping work. The team cleaned out the beds, pruned the plants and mulched. We also had trees and plants outside the flower beds trimmed and removed as well. Grass seed was planted to cover bare spots and it’s growing in nicely. They also provide our regularly scheduled lawn mowing. The pricing is reasonable and they are always willing to work within our budget. Our yard at home and our families’ properties in Sand Springs and Bixby are looking fantastic! I will recommend Dun’ Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape to everyone.
Josie Cawley
Josie Cawley
Dun' Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape surpassed my expectations! I tasked them with a large job of removing sweetgum tree gumballs from my yard/rock garden, leaf removal, cleaning flower beds, pruning seasonal grasses, and removing limbs/sticks from the property. I expected it would take a couple of days. The job was scheduled quickly, completed in ONE DAY, and the quality of work was fantastic. I will recommend them as much as possible and definitely be a repeat customer.
Taylor Dial
Taylor Dial
Dun’ Dirt Cheap Lawn Care and Landscape is the best lawn care company in the Tulsa & Broken Arrow areas! I called them to clean up my yard and seed some bare spots in my grass along with some dirt work to prep the soil. They cleaned out my flower beds including mulching them for an extremely reasonable cost. They also mow my grass and maintain my lawn during the mowing season and have done seasonal cleanup for fall and spring including tree trimming and leaf removal. Their communication and reliability has been excellent. Anytime I need to reschedule, they are more than willing to move my services to another day that works better for me. I am extremely happy with their services and will definitely be calling them again for more yard work!
I am absolutely thrilled with the services I received from Dun' Dirt Cheap's lawn care & landscaping. I had new flower beds installed and mulch laid as well as tree trimming, shrub trimming and leaf removal. They were extremely responsive and suggested so many ideas on how to keep my yard looking beautiful. I truly appreciated the time they took to walk through everything with me and the attention to detail provided. I have hired them to provide continued flower bed maintenance and lawn care as I actually look forward to being in my yard again.
Rachel King
Rachel King
I contacted Dun’ Dirt Cheap after seeing a sponsored ad on Facebook. They were one of the only companies who actually got back with me. I told them exactly what I was looking to have done (flowerbed refresh) and that I would supply the materials (pea gravel and weed barrier and pins) if they would come do the labor. They got me on their schedule, but I ended up having to move the service to the next day and they happily accommodated me. They showed up when they said they would and did exactly what we discussed and it looks SO GOOD. They hauled the dead stuff away and cleaned up beautifully! I couldn’t be happier! The quality of work and prices are excellent! They are professional and efficient. I highly recommend their services!
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